Headshot of Daylon Crider

Hey there, I'm Daylon Crider.

I'm a software developer and huge nerd.

I'm also better at making things work than making them look pretty...


Take a look at some of my projects.

Last Day To Plant

My first mod for Stardew Valley. You get an in-game notification when you wake up if "today" is the last day a particular crop can be planted for that season. Includes support for other mods.

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Check out the code on GitHub

Resource Companion for Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley community often comments on needing to keep the Wiki open while they play. This app aims to bring the most frequently needed content to an easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly form. And it's completely offline for on-the-go play!

Coming soon to both iOS and Android devices.


Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, GitHub, or DM me on Twitter!